Fall-Themed Wedding Shower

There's nothing quite like the beauty of fall colors as the leaves starts to turn. Bright reds, vibrant oranges, happy yellows and lush green in between make for the most gorgeous landscape. There's no place that does it quite like Michigan, and at my bestie Jess's wedding shower, the ladies hosting proved that there's no one who can throw a fall-themed shower quite like Midwestern ladies. The fall-themed decor was stunning, and when met with a bright and sunny day, it was the perfect way to celebrate *falling in love*. {See what I did there?}
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TOMS for Target

Today I'm beyond excited to help spread the word about what I consider to be one of the greatest collaborations of the season. Target has launched a gift collection that is as stylish as it is socially conscious with Toms. For every collection item purchased, a gift will be made to a person in need. Donations include a blanket from the American Red Cross, one week of meals from Feeding America, or a pair of shoes via Toms. Talk about embracing the season of giving, eh?

And if you were at all hesitant about shopping the collection even after the above, consider this: Every item below, with the exception of the navy men's jacket and black shoes, is $40 or less. Time to get shopping! And giving, of course.

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Alright, Let's Do This.

This past week, I had to remind myself to stop for a moment and just breathe. {On that note, this post was great for me to revisit!} When the clock struck 5 on Friday, I totally disconnected from technology. Doug and I were in Michigan to spend time with his parents since we won't see them for Thanksgiving, and on a drive where I'd normally crank out 4 hours of work, I slept. The entire weekend I neglected email, read books, saw a movie, ate a few donuts guilt-free, and enjoyed time with no agenda. And when Sunday came, I made a really long to-do list for my upcoming week while looking it square in the eye and said, "Alright, let's do this."

To say that life has been busy lately would be an understatement, and to be totally honest, it's thrown some curve balls that I wasn't prepared for. I've had to step back and remind myself to both relax a little, and keep on keepin' on, which are two feats that don't often work simultaneously well, but are both absolutely necessary.

I'll give away one spoiler alert before I start to tackle that said to-do list of mine: Blair and I are working on a big project, and we have every intention of moving mountains. I'm beyond excited. The future is filled with really amazing things. 


Soak It Up

It occurred to me the other day that something was missing. I was going through my usual before-bed ritual of washing my face & brushing my teeth when I started shivering from being cold. You see, the heat in our apartment has had a less than stellar performance lately, and so my daily unwind has gone from cozy to slightly cruel.

I kept thinking about how nice it would be to hop in the bathtub and soak in some bubbles, the way I used to growing up when even the slightest twinge of shiver came over me. But, our tub doesn't have a stopper, and despite trying multiple out they just don't seem to want to work. So I'm officially tub less {at least until I find a good stopper!} and wishful, here to remind all my fellow tub-lovers of something very simple today: Remember to take some time to soak it up. Especially on those days when you feel like you haven't stopped moving & thinking, are feeling a little stressed, or when you just need a little alone time to relax. <3



If there's one accessory I love, it's a scarf. Hands down, they're my favorite, and I simply couldn't function properly in the fall and winter months without them. There's a harsh reality that I've faced, however. With a serious style love comes a  bit of redundancy. Tying scarves around my neck is something that I've reached "Expert" status with, but this year I began to crave a little something different. I started exploring new ways to wear scarves, and Olivia Palermo ignited an audible "Ohhh!" when I saw this pin recently. And with that, I've been belting my scarves lately as I wear them, which has opened my wardrobe up to whole new possibilities.

Do you have a recommendation for scarf wearing that you've been loving lately? 
Spill the beans in your comments!


Gingham Power

Gingham is quickly becoming one of my favorite prints, not only because it's an All-American classic, but because versatility is at its core. Thrown over jeans or under a sweater? Adorable. Worn on its own with pixie pants? That works too. Paired with another fabulous print such as leopard & rich-colored lips? #Winning
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Gingham blouse - J.Crew | Pixie Pants - J. Crew {Past season, but here's a great pair!} | Heels - T.J. Maxx {These + these are similar} | Lip color - Burts Bees Lip Crayon in Napa Vineyard


Kate Spade for Gap

Every youngster in my family is going to officially label me the worst gift giver this holiday season. When they rip open their gifts in anticipation of finding toys or the latest toddler craze, they'll find that box absent of their wildest dreams. Yup, worst gift giver ever. You see, my favorite kiddos are instead all getting clothes from dear Auntie Em! I can't help it - Kate Spade just partnered with Gap and the result is the cutest line of clothes for toddlers, boys and girls.

So, you know what? I'll gladly take the harsh label if it means snagging a stylish little number for them. They'll thank me later when they remember being the cutest kid on in day care. Okay, maybe they won't remember per say, but pictures speak 1,000 words, and when they look back on their charming bow blouse or peekaboo sneakers and don't cringe, I'll take all the credit.

A little note from the future me: You're welcome.

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