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I know, I know...I had you at "Sale". Here's the thing: Nordstrom is having an anniversary sale, and it's a big one. A really, really big one. As in, the below picks have the pleasure of being accompanied by the likes of Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff, Betsey Johnson, Tory Burch and Michael Kors, all at prices that you'll gasp over. It's that kind of sale.

I've scoured the site for stylish finds that are budget friendly, and I've divided them into cost buckets. There are items to help you round out your summer, or get a head start on fall. Ready to get shopping?

** Note :: If you find something that you like, buy it soon! The sale ends August 4, but even from when I first grabbed the below round up a few days ago, some items are no longer available.

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The T-Shirt And Jean Alternative

I've always been a t-shirt and jeans kinda gal, but in July when humidity is running high, jeans are typically a no-go. I think we can all agree that sweat among the unknown crevices is uncomfortable for everyone and should be avoided at all costs.

Now, one would presume that in this case, a simple swap of full-length jeans for jean shorts would be the next best option, but I wholeheartedly disagree. You see, they don't lend themselves to many places. Take work, for example. My work environment is super laid back and pretty much anything goes in terms of dress, but jean shorts are too casual for even there. They're not like other shorts where you can simply throw on heels and look like the office's best dressed with your sassy self. No,  jean shorts are different, and we all know it.

Which is why my favorite t-shirt and jean alternative as of late has been swapping out the jeans altogether. For what, you ask? A skirt. Any option will work. Sequins? Do it. Pleated midi? Right on. The girlier the better, because really, how cool does it look when you pair laid back with an unexpected splash of glam?
All photos via Christina Slaton

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{So sorry - Items pictured in outfit post are no longer available online!}


Summer State of Mind

It's summertime and the livin' is easy. So is the shopping, with all these mid-summer finds that are sure to liven up your closet. Here's to starting the week with a little treat for yourself. You deserve it!
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Lessons From A (Very) Recent Newlywed

With my wedding over a month behind me, I still feel like I'm walking on cloud 9. I've been checking off more to-do's (those thanks you notes take much longer than expected!) and tying up loose ends, which is making me feel nostalgic for the year of planning that's now in the past.

On the bright side, I have so much goodness in the works to share! That's why, every Thursday, I will be posting bits and pieces of my wedding experience with you. Everything from the scoop on my dress, a deep dive on the vineyard, and many DIY project details will be on here, so be sure to keep checking in!

To start? Advice while it's fresh. I'm a contributor to the Wedding Party blog, and in the past few weeks I've written two articles all about Lessons Learned From A (Very) Recent Newlywed. Part I is all about the planning process, and Part II is all about the actual wedding day. After all, there's no better person to give advice than someone who just went through it! Be sure to swing by for the scoop on how to take in every moment and keep your sanity while you're at it. (Psst - James Bond would be proud - An escape plan is involved!)


Happy Hues & A Little Black Dress

My favorite way to summer-up a little black dress? With happy hues.

Some blogger buddies {Huge thanks to Lauren for organizing} and I met for mimosas and brunch last weekend at Bull & Bear, and with two days of attending the Windy City Smokeout behind me, I was in a throw-it-on-and-go state of mind. Insert: The fool-proof little black dress.

I paired a lace cut-out number that I scored in a boutique last summer {Similar one from Lulus here} with Anthropologie ribbon-wrapped shoes and a Gap clutch to make for a dolled-up attempt with little to no effort. {Bonus: Both the shoes & clutch are on sale right now!} The seafoam tones of the clutch and casual shoe additions perfectly played up the "Sunday" side of my dress, which I certainly needed as Saturday and I had a liiiittle too much fun.

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Like A Girl

When I hear the phrase "Like a girl", The Sandlot immediately comes to mind. You know what I'm referring to, right? It's the scene where two competing boys baseball teams come face-to-face and start throwing jabs at one another. "You play ball like a GIRL!" is said with emotions running high and - gasp - it's the worst possible insult that could have been used. {To help jar your memory, here's a refresher.}

I remember repeating that quote all the time when growing up. It was my go-to when trying to keep up with playful banter, especially when tagging along with my brothers during sporting endeavors. I'd laugh, say the "dreaded" words, and continue to play with the boys because I knew that my {not so original} insult got them good. And when it was used against me? I'd feel a mix of shame and motivation to be a better athlete while thinking, "Shoot, I do play like a girl!"

I've honestly never thought of the phrase as anything other than silly nonsense until I watched the below commercial. After watching the spot, it hit me that I've been using "Like a girl" the wrong way for basically my whole life, and to be honest, it made me a little sad. "Oh my gosh, I'm such a girl!" has been used by me more often than I'd like to admit, specifically when describing my role in a sport that I may not be the best at. I know I'm not alone in this tendency, as I've heard this term be used quite often. It's all in good humor, right?

The video has a good question: When did "Like a girl" become an insult? It's been used so frequently that we've become numb to what we're really saying. We've become numb to what we're teaching girls, and ourselves, about self-perception. We're setting a negative tone for how women in general should be viewed.

Next time I say, "Like a girl", I want it to be in the context of being confident. I am a girl, and I'm proud of it. Even if I can't throw a baseball further than first base.


One Piece Wonder

If anyone tries to tell me that they've seen a romper or jumpsuit recently without being overwhelmed with admiration, I know they're: 1. A man, or 2. Lying. Let's face it, ladies, one-pieces are back in a very big way. From wedding showers to city streets, I've seen the look everywhere, and without fail I've had to remind myself that staring is creepy.

Particularly when dressed up with heels and the right accessories, they're the ideal chic, playful summertime look. It's high time I take the plunge and grab one of my own. What's your vote on my newest wardrobe addition?

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