Fall VISA Giveaway

All in favor of getting free money, raise your hand.

Yup, just as I expected, looks like the vote is unanimous. We're all on the same page of loving the endless possibilities that cash in your pocket provides. Which is why some Chicago bloggers and I have joined forces to provide our readers with a $300 VISA giveaway. Why? Simply because we love you. Consider this a warm welcome to fall wardrobe shopping.

To enter, follow the prompts in the Rafflecopter widget at the end of this post. The winner will be announced on September 24, so watch out for a direct email to see if you're $300 richer. Good luck!

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Wedding Talk At Wedding Party

Are you sick of me talking about my wedding, yet? If you said "No", don't worry, I still have a few more posts up my sleeve. If you said "Yes", well...humph. Let me have my moment few months, okay? I still get butterflies when I think about our big day, and luckily I'm able to continually spill all thoughts and ramblings over at the Wedding Party blog.

In case you've missed the last few and are craving a big dose of wedding chatter (For all who meet this criteria, I'm sending a big virtual high five), here's a little round up of my latest posts over on their corner of the internet!

:: Modern Options for Mother + Son Dance Songs ::
Iggy Azalea is mentioned, but not in the way that you'd think.

:: A Simple DIY To Recycle Your Wedding Flowers ::
Go get a milk jug and let's do this thing.

:: 6 Notable Etsy Wedding Invitation Designers ::
All hail the great Etsy & the amazement that comes with it.

:: Lessons From A {Very} Recent Newlywed. Part I ::
My tops lessons learned from the planning process. Hint: Lists are your best friend.

:: Lessons From A {Very} Recent Newlywed. Part II. ::
More lessons learned, this time focusing on the big day. Indeed, it does include having an escape plan.


We'll Keep This Our Little Secret

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Keep it on the down low, okay? We don't want too many people knowing...


Freshly Cut {Designer} Roses

There's no anxiety like a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. After tornado-ing through my dresses in preparation for Kristen's wedding a few weeks back, I threw care to the wind and went to the one place that I knew would by my savior: Rent The Runway.


DIY :: Wedding Guest Book

Any wedding guest book will be filled with special words and names that mean the most to you, but there's just something about getting love advice from those that helped kick off your marriage on the day you were wed. I love ours for this very reason. We asked guests to share their "Love Lessons to Live By" and the result was priceless advice filled with equal parts sentiment and humor.

Admittedly this idea came last minute because we actually hadn't thought of anything a few weeks prior to the wedding day. However, therein lies the best part of the project: It was simple, easy and resourceful. {For a peek at other details & DIYs from our wedding, check out this post!}

Ready for directions?


Pump It Up

A few things came to my attention recently as I glanced over my shoe collection.
1. I have way too many.
2. Didn't I just buy those a few months ago? How do they already look so...worn?
3. Dear Lord I can't wear those. I'd rather walk barefoot than wear those because they. hurt. me.
4. I don't have enough quality shoes.

The harsh truth about my shoes are that most of them are not great pieces. They're predominantly comprised of pumps with the heel tips long gone and flats that I avoid on behalf of all too familiar blister memories not to be repeated. It's my fault though, really. I'm admittedly pretty frugal and I've made a habit of purchasing shoes from places that don't focus on a quality product. Don't get me wrong - I love me some H&M and Forever 21 as much as the next gal - but shoes are an area where I think that imaginary line needs to be drawn.

The cycle goes a little something like this: Buy them, wear them, limp as a result of blister, hate them, wait a few months and forget the hate and said blister, wear them, hate them again, throw them out, buy new ones.

It's clear that my current shoe strategy needs to be revisited. Badly.
It's time to pump it up. I mean that more figuratively than literally, although pumps are certainly included in my list of quality needs. This fall, I'm focusing on shoe staples that will last me season after season. Ones that I won't want to pitch after a few months. Ones that I will be proud to have in my closet. Ones that will ultimately save me money because I won't have to keep re-buying them at the rate that I do.

Shoes are, after all, the items that get the most wear and need to provide the most support. {Well, and bras, of course. But that's a different post's topic.} I'm putting my foot down {ha} and am making sure that the ones I purchase are ones that will last. Most importantly, they'll be ones that I want to last.

Below are a few that I've got my eye on. This line up is a fabulous mixture of classic pieces and eye-catching, fun options that I know will stand the test of time.

:: Shop The Post :: 
1. Michael Kors | 2. Michael Kors | 3. Alice + Olivia | 4. Kate Spade | 5. Kate Spade | 6. Dolce Vita |  7. Sam Edelman | 8. Kate Spade | 9. Madewell | 10. Madewell | 11. Dolce Vita

**This post was made in partnership with ShopBop. All opinions are my own. 
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